Personalised Sports Nutrition

one size does not fit all

This is why it’s personalised. A sprinter, a marathon runner, a footballer and a boxer will all have very different requirements for their chosen sport or event whether it’s at an amateur or elite level. Where they are in their ‘season’ will also make a difference, as will age, body composition, work and family life.

Get the big rocks in first – I see so many people stressing out about their protein shakes or their pre workout drink and then stopping off for a quick McDonald’s on their way home from training. Big rocks first – consistently eating quality whole foods are a far better option than throwing money at the latest chemically induced, processed powder.

keep it simple stupid

The basic methods are often the best methods to start with. Being patient and consistent throughout your training and nutrition programme are the sure fire ways to get the most out of your body.

Unless you’re in the elite field, you also need to balance life. You’ve probably got a partner and a family – they’re an important part of this commitment. The 80/20 rule is a good one to live by. 80% of the time you’re nutrition is spot on, 20% of the time you’re a little flexible. That doesn’t mean you throw it out of the window, it means you enjoy a meal out with the family and have the odd treat.

Your nutrition needs to fit with your training. They need to work in harmony and be perfectly balanced. This is where help can make the difference. Seek advice for your training just as you would with your food. For more information get in touch.