Why choose nutritional therapy?

Our day to day life can often be hectic, and this sometimes means we make the wrong food and drink choices. Coupled with the stresses of life and work this can lead to deficiencies in the basic nutrients we require.

We generally don’t see the results of this until we begin to experience symptoms often as we age.

Whilst modern approaches can often help, they frequently don’t seek the root cause of the problem.

With Nutritional Therapy, we can spend time exploring the ‘why’, giving you the opportunity to learn about your body. This is often empowering for clients, giving you the knowledge to begin your journey back to full health.

A food first approach

Generally, we’ll work with food first. Education around foods is key, and understanding the power of food and drink is important for the success of clients. Understanding how to balance food in our busy schedule is often the foundation of implementing programmes. Without these building blocks it’s difficult to make adaptations and integrate them into your daily life.
Ultimately, you have to do the work to start your journey. Working together to find out what will be manageable within an individuals lifestyle is key.

A deeper dive

Sometimes we’ll recommend some testing or maybe some supplements. Functional testing can help to rule out imbalances or can hone in on certain areas of a body system to provide a greater understanding. Testing will only be recommended if it will enhance your programme.

Similarly, testing may provide information that suggests a nutritional supplement could be of benefit.